Will the Government Shutdown Have SALT Repercussions?

It is still unclear how long and what lasting consequences the government shutdown will have on the federal government–but what about state governments? An article entitled, “What the Federal Shutdown Means for State and Local Government” from Governming.com claims that states can easily survive for a while, but the longer the government shutdown continues, the larger the effect will be on state and local governments. With the loss of federal funding, the states may be forced to step in for many essential programs like school breakfast and lunch programs, and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. There are also many state employees whose salaries are federally funded. The looming question  is will states step in and pay these people, and how? With the federal government proving an unreliable source of funding, will states have to turn to their own resources to find funds?

To read more about the government shutdown’s effects on state and local governments, visit:


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