Colorado — Sales And Use Tax — Verifying sales tax rates through Revenue Online.

The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) is reminding taxpayers that Colorado has more than 700 sales tax combinations (in addition to the state sales tax rate of 2.9%, counties, cities, and special districts have different rates) and advising them that they can use Revenue Online to find the correct sales tax rates their business should be collecting and reporting. Revenue Online offers three different services for checking the rates: (1) View Local Sales Tax Rates – taxpayers then select a city or county. When taxpayers select a city, the service also discloses the county or counties in which the city is located, and they will see the tax rates and explanations; this service is the online version of publication DR 1002 (Colorado Sales/Use Tax Rates). (2) View Business Location Rates – taxpayers enter their Colorado account number (CAN), and they will see their branch/site information, jurisdictions, and tax rates. (3) Find Local Taxes by Address. When taxpayers rely on these services to determine the tax rates they should collect, they will be “held harmless” regarding the rates they used if they print out the information and keep it in their records. These services are on the front page of Revenue Online, under “Other Services,” and taxpayers do not need to be logged into Revenue Online to use them. The CDOR also reminds taxpayers that they should check for rate changes before January 1 and July 1 each year. (Verify Sales Tax Rates Several Ways Through Revenue Online, Colorado Department of Revenue Taxation Division Weblog, 05/08/2014.)

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