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Tax Credit Connection, Inc.                                                                     July 2015

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Nonprofits Officially Qualify for Tax Credits
News and Events
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Dear Judith,
We all have something to celebrate – the Department of Revenue just announced emergency rule making that allows non-profits to earn tax credits.  See below for more details.

We are also excited to begin sending our newsletter on a monthly basis instead of quarterly.  This is going to allow us to provide more value to all of you – monthly updates on the Division of Real Estate tax credit cap and timely announcements of events hosted by our land trust and local government partners.  Also, fewer articles per issue so your eyes don’t get tired!

We’ll watch for interesting events that are coming up, but please send us a note if you have something you’d like us to include in our next newsletter.

Happy Conservation!

~ Ariel ~

Nonprofits Officially Qualify for Tax Credits
Private citizens aren’t the only landowners with land that has important conservation values – non-profits own hundreds of camps, retreats and wildlife sanctuaries around the state that have been providing scenic vistas, housing wildlife and protecting biological diversity.
After more than a year of relying on a private letter ruling to encourage non-profits to donate conservation easements, the Colorado land conservation community got some welcomed news late yesterday.  The Department of Revenue has initiated emergency rule making to officially declare non-profits eligible for Colorado tax credits.  This comes after a somewhat concerning meeting this May where the staff of Revenue expressed that they may have erred in the private letter ruling and considered reversing the decision.
Thanks to the great work of land trusts, local governments, attorneys, appraisers, tax credit brokers, and the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts, Revenue received overwhelming comments encouraging non-profits to be recognized as taxpayers.
Please see our article that can be shared with non-profit organizations that have land with strong conservation values and click here for a link to the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts site that includes a link to the language of the rule.
Time to uncork the champagne!

News and Events
  • Join the Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) and take a walk around Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area on a free guided hike. See ancient bristlecone pines, stunning wildflowers, alpine researchers in the field and more! Walks are from 10 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday July 18, Saturday July 25, and Saturday August 1. Call MALT to reserve your space. 303-679-0950. 
  • Continental Divide Land Trust is celebrating 21 years! Their birthday party takes place on Thursday, July 23 from 4 pm to 7 pm during the Wild About Colorado Art & Outdoor Festival at Carter Park Pavilion in Breckenridge. Click here to view their newsletter with color photos.
  • Join the Black Canyon Regional Land Trust on July 25 at 9 am for a guided wildflower hike along Courthouse Mountain. More details on the hike can be found here.
  • La Plata Open Space Conservancy (LPOSC) invites you to a special gallery exhibit of fine art painted by local artists on private lands which have been permanently protected by LPOSC. The event is on Thursday, August 6 from 5 pm to 8 pm. Read more details by visiting
  • Join Legacy Land Trust in Greeley for a live auction and learn how land conservation can benefit Weld County. The event runs from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Saturday, July 25. Follow this link for more info and to RSVP.
  • Mesa Land Trust raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy out 781 acres of mostly undeveloped canyon land in Mesa County and preserve it forever. Watch the video of their local news story here.

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