Oklahoma Amnesty Program Update

The Oklahoma Tax Commission has created an Oklahoma Amnesty Program for certain taxes not paid as of August 1, 2017.  This can be a great benefit for qualified taxpayers as the program waives penalties and interest on the qualified outstanding taxes. But before entering into any amnesty program, consult with a tax professional to understand the details of the program and how they will work in your particular situation.

Key Highlights from the OK Amnesty Program:

  •  The application period runs from September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017.
  • The taxpayer must remain tax compliant for one year after approval for the program, or interest and penalties will be restored.
  • Nearly every tax type is eligible
  • Eligible taxpayers must have:
    • No other outstanding tax liabilities, other than those pursued for the program
    • Not been contacted by the Tax Commission or third party acting on behalf of the Commission
    • Not collected taxes from others (for example sales tax – but there is a remedy)
    • Not entered into a voluntary disclosure agreement for the tax type being pursued within the past 3 years.
  • Three year lookback period
  • A payment plan can be requested

In addition, there is another amnesty program for remote online sellers (selling through Amazon, etc.) being offered through the Multistate Tax Commission that could also provide benefit for the resolution of Oklahoma and 15 other participating states past due or unfiled tax issues which is scheduled to start on August 17, 2017, click here for more information.

Please contact your Eide Bailly professional or a member of our State and Local Tax team to learn more.

Read more about other current amnesty programs here.


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