Washington State Tax Update

Are you considering doing business in Washington state or having employees in the state? Have you had issues with your state tax filing? Join our State and Local Tax team on January 26 to explore some helpful insights into Washington tax filings. This webinar will cover registration, various taxes, starting and closing a business, and other sales tax issues. Learn more and register here.

Tax Reform: Impact on Businesses

The recently enacted tax reform legislation represents the most significant overhaul of our tax laws in over 30 years. The act contains substantial changes to the taxation of businesses, individuals, multi-national companies, tax-exempt organizations and others. For more information on how this legislation will affect your business, check out our recent article, where we break down hot topics such as the corporate tax rate, pass-through income, and how you can move forward with an informed approach.


Tax Reform Webinar Series

Businesses and individuals are trying to determine what tax reform means for them and what to do moving forward. Eide Bailly has created a series of Tax Reform webinars exploring the key provisions, effective dates, how the current plan impacts businesses and individuals, and possible action items and next steps.

Please consider registering for one or all of the webinars by clicking on the topics of interest.

State Considerations: January 19, 2018

Accounting Methods and Cost Recovery Considerations: January 25, 2018

Pass-Through Deductions and Section 199A: February 1, 2018

Impact to Exempt Organizations: February 8, 2018

General Individual and Estate Planning Implications: February 15, 2018

International Considerations: February 22, 2018

Another good resource for tax reform information is our Tax Reform webpage. Here you can find articles, sign up for updates or even contact someone with specific questions.

Please contact your Eide Bailly professional for assistance in figuring out how tax reform impacts your specific situation.






Tax Trends Webinar Series 2018

It’s back! The Tax Trends Webinar Series is designed to offer free education and provide information on innovative strategies to save you time and money. Our webinars this year include topics such as state income tax compliance, sales tax considerations, economic nexus, and more. Click here to view all of our Tax Trends sessions and to register.

U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Internet Retail Taxes

Today the United States Supreme Court announced it will hear the South Dakota challenge in the 1992 Quill decision. In South Dakota v. Wayfair, the South Dakota Supreme Court ruled the economic nexus standard for sales tax established by the South Dakota legislature as unconstitutional. South Dakota decided that sales tax nexus was established by meeting the minimum threshold of 200 total sales or $100,000 in total South Dakota transactions/sales. In Quill, sales tax nexus required substantial presence which is widely considered to be physical presence.

Contact a member of our state and local tax team to learn more or for assistance with your sales tax questions.