Colorado REAL Property Tax Assessment Appeal Deadline – June 1, 2015

This is a valuation re-assessment year in Colorado! – Taxpayers are seeing as much as 25% – 50% increase in their assessed values.  With the statewide reappraisal occurring once every two years, 2015 is an important year to make sure your property taxes are fair and equitable. Increased valuations, means increased taxes!

The process of filing an appeal can sometimes be online, such as the Denver County Assessor’s website.   After an appeal is filed, an appraiser with the County will review and determine if a reduction is warranted and notify the taxpayer of its determination.  While timing varies by county, typically review is completed by the end of June or August.  If the taxpayer believes that after review – the reappraised value is still excessive, the next step is to file to the County Board of Equalization by July 15 or September 15, depending on the County.  If you need help through any part of the process, let the team at Eide Bailly know and we can direct you to a team that can help with property tax representation or an appeal.

Denver Property Tax: New Protest Procedures

If you own property in Denver then you have probably already received your property evaluations. However if you think that your property was assessed at an astronomically high rate there are some new procedures in place to make dealing with it allot simpler. The deadline to file a protest is now November 15th, which is a considerably longer amount of time than in previous years. Also several steps in the protest procedure have been combined into one single appeal.

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State Income Sources

State Income Chart

The chart above, taken from a Tax Foundation article, shows an over all picture of where states get their income. This picture however, varies wildly on a state to state basis. To read more about where states get their income, and for a state by state break down go to: