Minnesota Hospital Denied Exemption

The Lake View Memorial Hospital and Clinic in Minnesota was denied a property tax exemption in February 2018. The Minnesota Tax Court stated that the Memorial Hospital failed the auxiliary-property test. Minnesota’s statute says that in order to qualify for the exemption a taxpayer must provide evidence of its not-for-profit status. The hospital did not provide the physician compensation, article of incorporation, and documentation related to the interdependence of the hospital and clinic.

For more information on this and other property tax issues, contact your state and local tax professional.

Denver Property Tax: New Protest Procedures

If you own property in Denver then you have probably already received your property evaluations. However if you think that your property was assessed at an astronomically high rate there are some new procedures in place to make dealing with it allot simpler. The deadline to file a protest is now November 15th, which is a considerably longer amount of time than in previous years. Also several steps in the protest procedure have been combined into one single appeal.

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