Virginia Ruling Explains Nexus for Inventory Stored In-State

A Virginia Ruling of the Commissioner recently explained how the Virginia Department of Taxation would interpret and enforce a new nexus law passed this last year. Remote sellers that have inventory stored in a third party warehouse located in the State are deemed to be dealers in the State. This law appears to be intended to apply to remote sellers using Amazon fulfillment services or the like.


Other states may have similar cases in the works; contact your state and local tax professional with questions or for more information.

2014 Colorado Interest Rates on Overpayments, Nonpayments, and Underpayments.

The  Colorado Department of Revenue outlined the interest rate for overpayments, nonpayments, and underpayments for all 2014 state taxes. Rates will stay at 6%. If the underpayment or nonpayment is paid within 30 days of recieving notice from the state, or is voluntarily paid without notice, the interest rate will be reduced to 3%.

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Quoath South Dakota, “Quest No More.”

South Dakota’s quest service which could be used to file Sales and use tax returns, and contractors excise returns will not be available after July 23, 2013. Instead’ the South Dakota Department of revenue suggests using the EPATH service to electronically file said returns.